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The Tips Every Senior Solo Traveler Should Know

senior solo traveler
Written by Shannon Durso

This blog post was updated on August 6, 2021.

If you’re retired, over the age of 65, or simply wishing to visit your grandkids and children, we’ve got some tips for you if traveling solo! The thought of hopping on a flight to explore the world by yourself may seem daunting, but taking a trip alone can offer you unique self-discoveries, total relaxation, and surprising new friendships. As a senior, you have the freedom and time to travel and spend as many days as you’d like, anywhere in the world. Isn’t that what you’ve worked for your whole life? But before you take off, there are a few things to consider such as health, crowds, accommodations… shall we continue? Read on to find out what every senior solo traveler should know before hitting the road!

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ALWAYS purchase travel insurance

travel insurance

Before you depart for your solo adventure, check with your medical insurance company to confirm if you’re covered internationally (if traveling outside the U.S.). If your medical insurance does not cover international locations, there are some travel insurance options for seniors that will cover your travel cancellations, lost luggage, and emergency medical care. Book travel insurance even if it is expensive; it’s best to always be prepared rather than having to dish out more cash in case of an emergency.

Make accommodations in advance

Do you have a hard time climbing stairs or walking long distances? If so, be sure to plan ahead. Many travelers request wheelchair assistance from the moment they step off the aircraft to take them to baggage claim. After sitting on a flight for a long period of time, your legs and hips may start to cramp making it uncomfortable for anyone walking a fair distance to the baggage claim area. To make the arrangement for a wheelchair, contact your airline directly for someone to assist you. Also, when booking hotels or any other lodging reservations, request a ground floor room especially if there are no elevators close by. This will make your stay worry and hassle-free. Keep these tips in mind when booking your trip.

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Know the best time to travel

senior traveling solo

Full flights, crowded streets, and busy tourist attractions — that’s what you DO NOT want while on a solo trip. It’s never fun touring during a peak season when tourist attractions are overcrowded and the weather is hot. To avoid the mayhem, travel during off seasons. You’ll enjoy yourself more and have a stress-free trip when avoiding all the hustle and bustle.

Don’t be afraid of new experiences

Go ahead, try something new! As a solo senior traveler, why not seek out brand new opportunities and continue to cross off items on your bucket list?! Whether it’s exploring a new city alone or trying an adventurous activity you never thought to do (like surfing or parasailing), you certainly won’t go home with any regrets. Take in the solo experience and don’t shy away from anything … unless it’s unsafe, of course!

Avoid public transportation

senior taking a cab

You’ve booked cheap round trip flights and arrived at your dream destination with ease, so why stress out over how to get about town? It’s easy to agree that hopping in a taxi cab is a much better option than walking around trying to find the train or bus stop in a new city. Instead of wasting time and energy searching for the nearest train station, hail a cab or order any rideshare service (if available in the area you’re traveling to).


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