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Reform in Cuba Could Lead to Foreign Travel

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

One of over 300 reforms currently being debated in Cuba by the Communist Party Congress could allow Cuban residents to travel abroad for the first time since the Communist Revolution of 1959.


Currently, Cubans who wish to leave the country must file an official exit request, a process that is costly and subject to government approval. In effect, only high profile Cubans have been allowed to travel abroad for the past half-century.


However, Cuban president Raul Castro has promised reforms that would allow many limited free-market policies once thought impossible under the rule of his brother Fidel.


The two brothers appeared together at a recent Congressional event, a sign that Fidel may have endorsed the proposed reform policies.


Although no official ruling has been made, that the possibility of reform has been made public is a giant leap forward for the Communist country.

Source: BBC

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