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Italy Revokes Filming Permits for “Jersey Shore”

This blog post was updated on October 15, 2018.

Filming for the fourth season of MTV’s monster hit reality train wreck “Jersey Shore” was put on hold again this weekend.


Just as much of the cast began boarding flights to Italy, officials in Florence revoked MTV’s filming permits at many of the city’s most famous landmarks.


The show has come under a cloud of controversy since it was announced filming for season four would take place in Italy. Many Italian nationals are displeased with the funhouse mirror image the show depicts of Italian heritage and culture.


Before the permits were revoked, officials had been taking steps to ensure the episodes filmed in Italy would be toned down from the debauchery of previous seasons filmed in the US. The cast had already been banned from being filmed drinking anywhere in public.


MTV, understanding that the bans would leave them with almost no air-able footage, placed the start of filming on hold until new permits can be worked out.


Source: NY Post

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