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Record Store Day in Kingston, Jamaica

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

Record Store Day in Kingston, Jamaica

Long gone are the days when the streets of Kingston, Jamaica were chockablock with record shops. And with most folks listening to music by digital means and piracy all too often used, the days of many music retailers still in business are numbered. Nevertheless, a few of the best shop are making a go of it and are definitely worth visiting if you’re a fan of classic reggae, ska and dancehall and heading on to Kingston Town.

Music Mart
8 South Avenue

The “only complete music store in Jamaica,” Music Mart is really more for musicians shopping for instruments and equipment. But the store does sell music and is a great place to get recommendations on other shops, who’s playing where and much more info about the local music scene.
Rockers International Records
135 Orange Street

Situated on famed Orange Street (aka Beat Street), Rockers International is known around the world for its amazing selection of Jamaican music. On the site where legendary musician Dennis Brown was born and most likely the best music shop on the island, Rockers is the place to flock if you’re keen to sift through crate after crate for rare gems and classic vinyl.
 Tuff Gong Record Shop
220 Marcus Garvey Drive

Headquarters of the late Bob Marley’s family business, Tuff Gong is one part cultural institution, one part tourist attraction and one part excellent record shop with plenty of items on offer and celebrating one of the world’s most beloved musicians.

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