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Popular Bus Tours in Los Angeles

This blog post was updated on October 22, 2018.

Los Angeles is the type of city that stretches for miles in each direction, being composed of suburb after suburb, each of which has its own unique draw and personality.


There are suburbs full of movie stars, suburbs for shopping and suburbs that are stops for beaches.


When traveling in L.A., as I just recently found out, you can sure enough attempt to map out your own route of sights to see, but with the gigantic size, you may find this taking too much time.


The other option is to join in on one of the popular L.A. bus tours. Want to take one of these tours yourself? Get to Hollywood with these cheap flights to Los Angeles.


Studio Tours: Los Angeles is home to a number of studios from Universal to Warner Brothers’ to Paramount, and tours to each would make for an insight into the glitzy world of Hollywood.  Universal Studios tops the list of favourites in L.A. since it is has made itself into a theme park full of rides and attractions.  The Paramount and Warner Brothers’ are your more standard studio tours with behind the scenes information and views.


Celebrity Houses Tours: It’s the type of stuff we hear talked about on TV, so many people come to L.A. with an interest in checking out the homes of celebrities.  And, where there’s a home, there’s also the chance of seeing a movie star in real life.  Several companies offer tours around the area of Beverly Hills in particular, but it must be done in a vehicle other than a large bus – those have been banned from the streets of Beverly Hills.


Hollywood and L.A. Sights Tours: The most popular bus tours are those that take you to the best of it all – Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, the Sunset Strip, and perhaps even the beaches and the homes of movie stars.  These full-featured tours will last a half-day or more depending on the company running it.  A good point to look out for when making a tour decision is whether or not you are allowed to get off the bus at times to see the famous sight from a different perspective.


Hop-on Hop-off Tours: The Hop-on Hop-off bus tours are a fantastic way to make it to some of the area’s best locations, and at your own pace.  If you see something that inspires you, simply hop off and get back on when another bus makes its way there.  They stop about every half hour, and you can buy a one or two day pass.  The main downfall would be the lack of a real tour guide that gives you the history and fun facts like other guided tour buses do.


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