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Outdoor Markets in Portland, Oregon

This blog post was updated on October 18, 2018.

To many, Portland, Oregon is synonymous with independent coffee shops, bike-friendly streets, and expansive outdoor markets.


So travelers boarding flights to Portland should be ready to down a cup of java, hop on a bike, and make your way to one of these impressive outdoor Portland markets.


Portland Farmer’s Market: This well-established farmer’s market just celebrated its 20th year.  It features produce, flowers, cheeses, breads, canned products (and the list goes on) from local vendors. This isn’t your typical one-site/one-day-per-week farmer’s market though, the PFM has six sites throughout the city that operate on different days of the week: Portland State University (Sat.), Shemanski Par (Wed.), Northwest (Thurs.), King (Sun.), Buckman (Thurs.), Pioneer Courthouse Square (Mon.).


And the PFM isn’t just a great place to buy fresh food products, they are also socially engaged and committed to community programs such as FoodShare Fund Northeast and Fresh Exchange (to increase access to farmers markets for low income shoppers) and the Evergreen Campaign (promoting more recycling and less waste at farmer’s market sites).


Portland Saturday Market: One of the largest ongoing arts and crafts markets in the world, the Portland Saturday Market welcomes a variety of artisans with unique and beautiful products, including jewelry, clothing, baby gifts, glassware, candles, home furnishings, pottery, ceramics, musical instruments, paper products and more. The Saturday Market is, hands down, the best place to find a unique souvenir and gifts to bring back home. Come hungry, since a variety of food vendors gather here as well. When you’re done perusing the merchandise, find a comfy spot on the grass and enjoy informal shows by live musicians and street performers.


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