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DIY Halloween Inspired Tour of Washington D.C.

This blog post was updated on October 8, 2018.

Washington DC dates back to 1790 and has been the location of war battles, assassinations and other forms of crime since that time.


With all that history, our nation’s capital really sets the scene for some spectacular ghost tours, but who needs to pay money for a tour when you can pretty much make your own for free?


That’s right!  There are dozens – no, hundreds – of reportedly haunted locations around Washington DC, so all you have to do is track down cheap flights and pick and choose from the following items on this list.  Instant free tour!


It’s time to get into the spirit (pun intended) this Halloween season!


The US Capitol where Congress meets to discuss important federal government matters is reportedly riddled with ghosts.  From the people who died building the structure, to former members of Congress, people murdered on the steps, and even a supposed demon cat, your chances of having a haunted encounter are quite high.


The Capitol Hill neighborhood is said to have a haunted street.  The former home of Joseph Holt is no longer around, but his ghost still haunts the area of First Street NE.


The White House has become a legendary haunting ground for the ghost of Abraham Lincoln who has reportedly been spotted, felt, heard, or sensed by many of the residents including Eleanor Roosevelt and President Truman.  Even Lincoln’s son that passed of typhoid in the White House has been sensed. Besides Lincolns, Abigail Adams is spotted in the East Room, Thomas Jefferson is heard in the Yellow Oval Room and John Tyler is seen in the Blue Oval Room.


The Octagon House in downtown D.C. Was built in 1801 by Colonel John Tayloe III.  The building is said to house the spirits of many of his family members, including a couple of the daughters that died in the building when falling down the stairs.  Many African American slaves were housed in the Octagon, and it is thought that the backyard quarters was used as part of the slave trade.  Because of this, there is also talk of slave spirits wandering at the Octagon.


The Hay-Adams Hotel in downtown is home to the ghost of Marian Adams some claim, and she tends to go around hugging people and crying.


The Woodrow Wilson house over in Dupont Circle was once home to the former president. He passed away in the home on the third floor and has been seen walking around or using a rocking chair.


In Georgetown, the Halcyon House, claimed to have been used in the Underground Railroad, is home to many reports of ghostly moans of former slaves.  Furthermore, there have been claims of levitation encounters from former residents.


Once you’ve picked your haunted destinations from this list, map them out with public transport to put the final touches on your DIY tour.  And, remember:  Take plenty of pictures.  You don’t know what you might find lurking in the background when you get home!


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