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‘Make My Switzerland’ App Helps You Discover Top Tips from Locals

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2018.

'My Switzerland' App Helps You Discover Top Tips from Locals

“Choose a city, pick your mood, discover top tips from our locals.” That’s what a relatively new Make My Switzerland app offers visitors hoping to achieve maximum Swiss delight – whether aiming for alpine heights, lounging by the lake or getting down in some of Europe’s most fashionable cities.

Designed by Switzerland Tourism (the national marketing and sales organization for Switzerland), the app offers a local perspective on the best things to do in seven Swiss cities – Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, and Zurich – with actual firsthand accounts from local ambassadors about the best things to take in while there. The ambassadors – such as Fabian, a professional bicyclist from Bern, or Heidi, a musician in Lucerne – are a mostly youthful and rather diverse crew of locals keen to share their love of their home with guests.

You can get the Make My Switzerland app for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Indeed, I’ve just downloaded it myself to use for my own upcoming trip to Basel at the end of this month. I’m keen to find out how the app compares with other ways I usually find out about a destination. I’ve never been to Switzerland before, so local advice and some digital guidance should prove just the thing to help me make the most of my trip.

At the very least, the app is a freebie and should provide visitors like me with some ideas that might not have been considered. Having a cursory look at the app now, it seems to have been worth the download for the maps alone. Another upshot to getting the app is that Switzerland Tourism is offering loads of cool prizes to people who use the app while visiting the country. Every time people turn to the app for a tip about where they are, they are automatically entered into a prize draw to “win their vacation back” along with other prizes such as free flights, discounts and more rewards.

Beyond the maps and incentives, here’s hoping having “My Switzerland” at the mere tap of the finger will open up a whole new way to experience a city and discover more about it than otherwise. I’m certainly looking forward to giving the app a whirl.

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