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Learning To Love Flying, Again

This blog post was updated on October 16, 2018.

If you are like most travelers, you probably enjoyed the first time you flew on an airplane. Perhaps it was the destination at the other end, but a first timer flying sees a certain magic in flying that the veteran traveler probably no longer sees at 35,000 feet.


Pushy passengers on airplanes can be enough to lose one’s travel innocence of loving to fly. Then again it could be the whole process, the groping at security or the hidden fees behind every flight that turn travelers away from the elegance of flying.


I, too, have lost my childish wonder for flying. After witnessing a first time flyer the other day, I saw that wonder for flying in its purest, unbiased form.


While we can’t control the fees airlines might throw at us or the pushy passengers hovering around each and every gate before their boarding time is called, there are a number of ways to make flying the not-so-friendly skies more enjoyable.


Fly during the week or at night—If you have ever been to an airport on Sunday, it might look more like an anthill that just reeled in a cracker. Passengers swarm through security, hover at the gate and push while boarding. They are all fighting for the same thing. They want to get on board and to their destination. Bags don’t make it on the plane. Flights are oversold. If you flying during the week or at night, airports and flights are less crowded. Breezing through security and boarding might make you turn the tides on flying. Flying at busy times of the day and week only aggravates the traveler and kills any love of flying you might have when you get bumped to the back of the plane.


Book a window seat—Dial back to the first time you ever flew on an airplane. That first time you gazed out the airplane window, as the world seemed to fade behind and below, you is one the jaded flyers might have trouble envisioning. A window seat not only allows you this chance at looking out the window, but also more room, a wall to lean on. You can appreciate the ability to fly in a modern world as you spot Paris from above or the Grand Canyon down below. Seeing everything from such great heights is sure to spark some hidden love for flying, even if it is just for the view.


Pack Lighter—My miserable moments in airports usually stem from how much I am carrying. If your arm feels like it could fall off at any minutes or there is no room left on the plane for your carry-on, your luggage can deter you from enjoying the wonders of flying. A cumbersome suitcase is enough to sour an airport experience. Heavy baggage fees on your oversized rolling will push you over the edge. The lighter you pack, the easier it is to move on and off planes, without losing dollars, cents and your right arm.


Consider Airport Lounges—On a long layover from Washington Dulles to Rome, I decided to buy a one-day pass to my airline’s airport lounge. Many airlines will allow you to do this, even if you aren’t first class, so to speak. I felt as though I was walking into a different world. Drinks and snacks abound. You can find quiet corners to relax. Depending on the airport, these lounges offer some luxury when air travel seems far from it. Even if you can’t afford to fly first class, you can still wait on long layovers and delays in peace and quiet. You avoid the loudspeaker squawking ever two seconds and rolling suitcase wheels crushing your toes at the gate. It is amazing how much more well rested and ready for your flight you will seem.


Of course, saving money always makes flying a little more enjoyable. OneTravel has plenty of discount flights to help you out there.


How do you make flying more enjoyable? Let us know with a comment. 

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