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In a Pinch, Four Easy Ways to Save on Holiday Travel

This blog post was updated on January 3, 2020.

Holiday travel can be less winter wonderland and more of a snowstorm nightmare when it comes to those dollars and cents. With the gift list mounting and those credit card bills quickly pilling up around this time of year, travelers don’t need the burden of extra costs when they travel around the holidays. If you want to lighten the financial load and save a few dollars throughout the spirited season, practice these four easy ways to save on holiday travel.

Travel with Carry-On Luggage: For a family or even just a single person, checked luggage can eat away at any sort of budget you had for gift giving. While there are more and more people traveling around this time of year and overhead space is limited, carry-on luggage is one of the easiest ways to save $50 here or there. Travelers also don’t need to worry if the overhead space does fill up for the airline will most likely gate check your bag. Holiday travel often means hefty plane ticket prices but you can keep those costs down by packing light and carrying your bag on the plane.

Look For Rental Cars Beyond Airport Locations: If you need a car to get to grandmother’s house for the holidays, you might search for rental cars just at airport locations. Sometimes these counters are offering rates far higher than those inside city centers or at off-airport locations. You can save a few dollars a day merely by checking for a rental car all around your location, not just at the airport.

Coupon Search For Deals on Things To See, Do and Eat: Around the holidays, even when it comes to travel purchases, wallets can be tighter than a New York City bus on Friday. The last thing you want to do is pay full price for museum visits or meals out. If you know where you are headed and what you want to see in that location, do a search online for coupons. From the museum’s website to the twitter account of the restaurant you envision dining at, it never hurts the wallet to do a coupon check for deals off of things you may want to see, do or eat.

Book Accommodations That Offer The Whole Amenity Package: You might have scored an amazing hotel deal, only to arrive and be slammed with fees. As those credit cards are a little top heavy this time of year, you would hate to add more weight to your bill by booking a hotel that doesn’t include the amenities you need. Travelers around the holidays should look out for steep parking fees, WiFi charges and breakfast buffets that break the bank. A hotel might seem like a great deal until you add up all of the extras. You can save a great deal by booking a hotel that offers all of the amenities you need in the room rate.


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