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How Well Do You Know London? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

Written by Chris Caggiano

Ah, London! A city full of wondrous sights and teeming masses. From the world-class museums and theater to the inexhaustible supply of historical attractions, London is truly a paradise for those who prefer their vacations to be chockablock with entertainment and discovery.

But, as they say, the British and Americans are separated by a common language. And it’s not just accents and vocabulary that distinguish us from the Brits. It’s also evident in what they eat, what they drink, how they work, how they play, and more. So if you’re idea of a good time is to look for cheap flights to London and start brushing up on your Cockney rhyming slang, then take our quiz to see how well your really know London and the people who call it home.

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