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An Underwater Wedding? Places to Get Hitched That Are Off The Beaten Path

Written by Chris Caggiano

You’re getting married. It’s your special day. But you want to make it extra special. So you want a location that matches your own particular flair, your special something, your je ne sais quoi.

So what kind of place is going to reflect what makes you you? A big cathedral? Been there. The city hall? Done that. In a Vegas chapel with an Elvis impersonator presiding? Oh, how 1980s can you get?

If you’re looking for inspiration for a truly memorable wedding, look no further. Here are six ideas to get you thinking about the weird and wonderful wedding destination that suits you best.

On a Mountaintop

Are you the outdoorsy type? Only happy when you’re communing with nature, hiking a trail, repelling down a rock face, in search of the kind of inspiration that only the great outdoors can bring? Well, if that describes you, what could be more inspiring than getting married at the top on a mountain? With stunning vistas that bespeak the distant horizons that you and your loved one will explore. One particular mountain destination to consider is Aspen, Colorado. If you’re looking for a five-star experience, you can’t beat The Little Nell, with luxurious accommodations and a choice of wedding locales, including the stunning Wedding Overlook at the top of Aspen Mountain. It’s an experience no one in your wedding party will ever forget.

In a Hot Air Balloon

While not for the faint of heart, getting married in a hot air balloon is certainly something that you and your special someone will never forget. Believe it or not, there are numerous places that can accommodate your desire to tie the knot 3,000 feet in the air. In the U.S., there are numerous vendors everywhere from Vermont to Arizona that will gladly offer you the chance to say, “I do, I do” in the sky. Or if you’re looking for something really special, you could fly to Cappadocia, Turkey and exchange vows over a vast expanse of valleys and Bronze Age ruins. Of course, a hot air balloon wedding will by definition limit the number of people who can attend the service itself…but the ones who join you will be awfully glad they did.


Again, not for everyone. But couples with a natural affinity for the water might want to consider immersing themselves fully (scuba gear highly recommended) and exchanging their vows, with God and assorted tropical fish as their witnesses. Again, multiple places to check out if you’re interested, including luxurious Paradise Island in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. If you’re interested in having human guests as well, Key Largo, Florida offers your guests the choice of scuba diving with the bride and groom or watching from above while snorkeling. A bit further afield is Trang, Thailand where couples have been conjoining among the coral for more than 25 years.

In a Treehouse

Maybe you want a wedding in the sky, but not quite as high as 3,000 feet. How about a treehouse? I mean, who didn’t want to live in a treehouse when they were a kid? Well, the next best thing might just be to get married in one. Numerous places around the U.S offer treehouse weddings, including Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington and June Bug Resort in Asheville, North Carolina. And some of those treehouses are a lot bigger than you might think. Perfect for the couple whose idea of a good time is spending time surrounding by natural beauty.

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On a Glacier

When it comes to natural beauty, we’re not just talking about green spaces and dense forests. For some people, the idea of getting married surrounded by a beautiful field of white and soaring mountains is just what the justice of the peace ordered. While not everyone’s idea of heaven, a glacier wedding offers couple the chance to set out on their lives together while humbled by the sheer expanse and power of nature. You can opt for a wedding in Juneau, Alaska and take a helicopter ride to a nearby glacier. And since it’s your special day, there’s no need to resist the urge to do your best Elsa imitation and belt out “Let It Go.” Or, if you like the idea of purple mountain majesty, but would rather skip the literal glacier underfoot, there’s also Glacier National Park in Montana. All the scenery, but you can ditch the crampons and carabiners.

On Safari

From a wedding out of Frozen, we shift to The Lion King wedding. Imagine your nuptials set amid the expansive vistas of the Serengeti or overlooking the lush greenery of South Africa. It’s unlikely that you’ll have actual giraffes and rhinos as your witnesses, but you can always get hitched after the actual safari amid the glorious landscape you’ve just explored. If this sounds like your idea of a memorable wedding, then you and your family and friends can book some cheap international flights and let the scenic delights of Africa provide you with a wedding venue you and your guests will never forget.

Do you have any ideas for unusual wedding locations? Let us know in the comments below. 

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