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Hej! Here’s How to do Stockholm for $100 a Day

Photo by Sergey Didenko via Shutterstock
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on May 7, 2020.

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s a favorite destination for travelers seeking a friendly, clean, and virtually crime-free city where you can enjoy traditional Scandinavian charm mixed with contemporary cosmopolitan culture. But, the Swedish capital also has a reputation for being a pricey place. Luckily for you, there are still plenty of ways to experience it on a shoestring without feeling like you’re missing out on what makes the city such a special place.

The key to keeping your trip affordable is to try to stick with the basics while in Stockholm. That may sound like a bummer for someone planning a fun getaway, but the thing is “the basics” in Sweden are really nice and offered at a higher standard than in most other places. So, now that you’ve got your cheap international flights booked and taken care of, it’s time to pack your things and jet set on your affordable adventures. Here’s how to see this magnificent Nordic city for just $100 a day!


Stockholm - Old Town

Hostels, private accommodation options, and even a few hotels in town offer rooms at $50 per night or less. As with most destinations, central location, proximity to attractions, travel dates, and other variables can affect the price you pay for your stay. Try to find somewhere slightly further out from the main thoroughfare and you’ll find a great deal!


Stockholm - outdoor cafe

Food trucks, fast food, kebab shops, fresh groceries, and other affordable bites abound in Stockholm. It’s easy enough to find places offering hearty and filling meals for $10 or under. You’ll find Swedish pastries such as cinnamon rolls paired with a coffee to be especially good value at cafés and a great way to eat like a local. Grabbing something to eat at one of Stockholm’s many hot dog stands is another cheap and yummy opportunity to enjoy the city like a real Stockholmare.

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Getting Around

Stockholm - runners

You managed to get some cheap international flights to this bustling city and now you want some equally affordable way to get around once you’re there? No problem! Stockholm is fairly compact. Surrounded by water and spread across a series of islands interconnected by bridges, it’s also an absolutely gorgeous city. So walking or cycling around town is an ideal way to check it out. If you’re pressed for time or heading across town, public transportation offers safe, courteous, and efficient service by boat, metro, train, trams, and buses. A one-day travel card purchased via is about $11 while a 72-hour card is about $21.

There’s also the Stockholm Pass which costs around $48 for a single day (there are two- to five-day passes available as well). It covers all public transport in the city plus access to the Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus tours and free entry to more than 60 popular attractions.

Attractions and Sightseeing

Stockholm - sightseeing couple

As mentioned above, Stockholm Pass is a smart way to keep your budget down while going around town and enjoying some of the best attractions. The card gets you in attractions such as the must-see Vasa Museum (a perfectly preserved warship from 1628), the Royal Palace, the Nordic Museum, boat tours, and much more.

What are your money-saving tips for visiting Stockholm? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • It is possible to do a budget trip to Stockholm but it’s certainly not an easy challenge. There are so much fabulous food in the city to sample but it’s the sort of thing that’ll break the budget real quick.