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Happy National Donut Day! Let’s All Drool Over Deep-Fried Dough

This blog post was updated on October 12, 2018.

It’s Friday. It’s National Donut Day. All is good, sweet, and caloric in the world. To celebrate the best holiday of the year (my sweet tooth might be slightly biased), we’ve rounded up the tastiest donuts around town.


It’s almost too sweet and springy to eat. Almost.


Donut pops are as tasty as they are ingenious.


Mickey and Minnie belong together…in your stomach.


Get your hands on two and save one for breakfast tomorrow morning. If there’s cereal on it, it counts as a meal.


Don’t show these to Homer Simpson.


Cute for the kiddo in your life (if you don’t devour it first).
Proof that every love story begins with a donut.

Don’t forget to pick up a free donut (or 12) at one of these locations.

Photos: Faris M, Kiera, strudlekitty277, Betty Crocker Recipes, Rob Boudon, Robyn Lee, twmjedi

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