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Gone Thrifting! 3 Unusual Thrift Stores in the U.S.

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This blog post was updated on October 16, 2019.

Gone Thrifting! 3 Unusual Thrift Stores in the U.S.
For many across the U.S., thrift stores are staples in every town and city. Selling secondhand everything, from clothes to furniture to instruments, thrift stores are often quirky spaces where you never know what you might find, sometimes for the benefit of a good cause. And while thrift stores are good spots to score cheap, sometimes valuable and quirky items, they can also be fun tourist destinations. If you are looking to go thrifting, here are some unusual thrift stores to visit across the U.S.
222 E 23rd St 
Located in New York City, City Opera Thrift Shop classes up the thrift shop name with items that seemingly could be worn to the theater or a night on the town. With a wide range of finer clothing like blazers, ties and dresses, the thrift shop donates the money from sales to the New York City Opera so that costumes can be purchased for new shoes. The New York City thrift shop presents a fine place to score designers goods at low prices.
509 W Willow St.
Perhaps one of the most unusual thrift stores in the U.S., the Unclaimed Baggage Center lives up to its name. Proudly identifying as the only lost luggage store in the United States, the inventory in this shop features one of the most diverse range of products from all around the world. Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, the Unclaimed Baggage Center spans more than a city block and is even one of the top tourist attractions in the state.
What began as a small business in 1970 is now host to over a million visitors a year from every state in the country and over 40 foreign countries. Perhaps everyone is here looking for their lost luggage. The store features the contents from unclaimed luggage purchased from airlines. Once a bag goes unclaimed for a period of time, the airline sells the luggage and its contents to the center. Visitors can find a large selection of items throughout the 40,000 square foot store including jewelry, electronics and clothing.
3020 Clement Street
In terms of old time thrift shops, you need look no farther than Kimberley’s Consignment. Set up in San Francisco, this thrift shop proudly claims the tile of one of the oldest consignment shops in the country. Opened in 1964, Kimberley’s Consignment provides appealing discounts on well-known brands. Mostly comprised of clothing and accessories, the consignment store sells highbrow brands like Channel, Gucci and Calvin Klein. It is also rumored to have a select set of celebrity clientele who drop serious cash here each year.

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