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Get Angry! Your Guide to Swearing Like a Local

Get Angry! Your Guide to Swearing Like a LocalLet’s face it: No matter where you are, people can be incredibly annoying. If you’ve ever wanted to give that person –you know, the one who stops in the middle of the street to answer a text –a piece of your mind, you can now do it in a variety of different languages. And if you just happen to be that infuriating texter/coffee-spiller/line-skipper, you’ve got a few harsh words coming to you, you miststück.

Ta gueule!/Ferme ta gueule!/Ferme ton clapet! – Shut your mouth!
De l'air!/Dégage!/Va te faire foutre! – Piss off/Go screw yourself!
Tête de nœud/Un nain – Dickhead/Prick/Complete idiot
Un fouille-merde – Shit-stirrer
être con comme un balais – To be as daft as a brush
Un lèche-cul – Arse kisser

Völliger Bockmist – Complete bullshit
Es ist zum Kotzen! – It makes you want to puke!
Arschloch!/Du Arsch! – Arse/asshole!, You arse!
Trottel! – Jerk!
Das ist keinen Pfifferling wert – It's not worth a damn/straw
Miststück!/Mistkerl! – Douchebag!

Un guastafeste – A party pooper
Farsela addosso/farsela sotto/Cagarsi sotto – To shit your pants with fear
È un gasato – He's/She's a boaster/A blowhard
Stronzo – Son of a bitch
Pezzo di merda – Scumbag
Rompicoglioni – A pain in the arse

¡Qué chorrada! – What bullshit!
Una patada en los cojones/huevos – A real kick in the nuts
Estar pedo/Llevar un pedo – To be as drunk as a skunk
Ser un bocazas – To have a large trap
¡Métetelo donde te quepa! – You can stick that where the sun don't shine!

Phrases courtesy of The Guardian and Marco Polo Phrasebooks

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