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Five Travel Apps to Help You Find a Toilet ASAP

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

Oh, if you are anything like me then there has probably been a time or two where the need to “go” has interfered with the travel task at hand.


Instead of casually walking through a city’s old town section, you find yourself frantically doing the “gotta go” dance and miming to locals that you need a toilet, and fast!


But did you know there is an app for that?


Actually, there are several apps for that – some better than others – so after doing some searching, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps on the market for helping you find a restroom when you need it most:


1. SitOrSquat – SitOrSquat is probably the best app out there at this moment since its database houses over 105,000 toilets around the world.  The great part of this app is the fact that Charmin currently sponsors it, which means there is funding to improve both the app and get more users on board.  To find a toilet, simply complete a search or use the phone’s GPS to provide results close to you.  The app is free for download on the iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry.


2. Restroom/bathroom/toilet finder – This app has a name that says it all.  It may not be as comprehensive or helpful as SitOrSquat, but they have been making improvements to the app itself.  That, combined with toilet paper sponsorship, shows us that this app might be around for a while, so it could be worth it to give a try.  It is free after all.  You can download the Restroom/bathroom/toilet finder on iPhone or iPad.


3. Best Bathrooms – Best Bathrooms is an app that is focused just on helping you find the best restrooms in the New York City area (Cheap flights to New York City).  So, with the hand-picked selection from this app, you will no longer be forced to hover over questionable toilet seats on your New York City holiday.  What’s even better are the step-by-step directions available to help you locate the restroom once in the facility’s building.  You can download the Best Bathrooms app for $1.99 on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


4. Toilet Map – Toilet Map is a must for any traveller or resident of the Greater London area who might fancy finding a loo from time to time.  This app has nearly toilets on the map, and the app itself will help you pinpoint yourself on the map, showing you where the nearest toilet stops are in relation.  You can download Toilet Map for £1.19 on iPhone and 99p on Android.


5. Show the Loo – Show the Loo is the app for those travelling around Australia.  At any time you feel the urge, just pop out your smartphone and get directions to the closest restroom.  The best part of this app would be the “I’m busting” button that instantly pulls up directions to the nearest loo without needing to run a search.  You can download the Show the Loo app on the iPhone and iPad for free.


Flickr:  BrentDPayne


Do you use any of these toilet finding apps?  If so, feel free to leave a review in the comments to share with us all how helpful (or not) it is for those busting to go!

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