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Five Tips for Choosing Travel Partners

The benefits of traveling solo are out there now in full force, enticing those people who would otherwise not see travel as an option without a travel partner into heading out on the road alone.


As a solo traveler myself, I understand how solo travel can impact a trip for the better, but I also understand how having a travel partner can do the same (just in a different way).


So, for those looking to choose a travel partner for an upcoming trip, whether to share in the experiences or just have a bit of companionship on those long journeys, there are some considerations to keep in mind.  After all, you don’t want to be on a trip with your travel partner wishing you had just gone solo, right?!


Find people with the same interests. This point seems so logical, but it can be the death of a good trip if you’re stuck doing things you just don’t like to do.  It could be a point as small as whether or not you both like to eat out every meal (you’re a foodie) or if you would rather save money by cooking in your hostel.  The same goes for the type of activities you like to do, such as hiking and camping or museum-hopping.  The goal is to find someone that is open to similar experiences.


Look at his or her personality and how that fits in the group. Some individuals are natural leaders and others are followers.  Some people are accommodating to others’ needs while some know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.  When choosing a travel partner or partners, it is wise to think about that person’s personality and how that will work with the other travelers involved in the journey.


Look at his or her financial situation. Just like interests, a person’s financial situation sets the tone for the trip ahead.  It doesn’t make sense to invite a travel partner along who can’t afford to go bungy jumping or skiing or surfing as you initially planned.  Your partner’s budget is just as important as their travel interests.


Find out how they react in stressful or changing conditions. Travel seems to never pan out how you plan.  There are delays, cancellations and inconveniences when you least expect it, but the question here is how your travel partner reacts to such situations.  And, on top of that, you need to know how their reaction to these stressful times will impact your mood and ability to cope.


Choose someone you feel comfortable talking to. The key to any successful relationship, and that includes travel relationships, is the ability to communicate.  All of the above could be in-line, but if you can’t voice opinions and listen to the partner’s views, then there will more than likely be someone that is a little less than happy with the journey.


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