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Five Summer Sports Around the World & Where to Catch Them

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

It’s the summer season for the northern part of the world, and that means that getting out, being active and enjoying the glorious sunshine is in order.


What better way than to spend a day or evening out in the season than to watch some great summer sporting events?


Here are some of the top summer sports around the world and a tip on just where you can watch them, besides on your couch in front of a TV.


Baseball: It’s known as the American pastime.  This bat and ball game is often the center point for many quick getaways, and it has the power to fill even the biggest stadiums up with loyal fans.


Personally, I feel there is nothing quite like enjoying a live baseball game with a nice beer and maybe even a hot dog (if you’re willing to fork out the stadium prices) to really enforce that summer is upon us.  If you’re in the USA, then Chicago and New York City are prime locations to head to in order to catch a game.


Cricket: Many call cricket the predecessor and inspiration for the game of baseball, and like baseball, it is a game that requires a warm, sunny day to thoroughly enjoy.  Cricket dates back to the 16th century and is quite popular in countries of British colonial rule, such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand.    If you’re looking to catch a live game this summer, then England is where it’s at, offering matches until early July against Sri Lanka, followed by matches until early September against India.


Tennis: Tennis is a sport that can be served up year-round indoors.  Many would agree, however, that summer is the best time to catch some tennis given the oldest and most popular tennis championship in the world, Wimbledon, takes place during that time. Wimbledon is set in a London suburb with the same name over the course of two weeks generally in late June to early July. The 2011 tournament is underway, so if you didn’t make it to London this year, try for the next!


Surfing: Can you think of summer without thinking of the beach?  I know I can’t!  One of the best beach-based summer sports would have to be surfing since it combines the amazing weather with cooling ocean water.  You can catch some of the pros riding killer waves in popular locations around the world, but for this example I’m going to suggest Hawaii where the Association of Surfing Professionals hosts competitions in June and August on Oahu.


Beach Volleyball: You might say beach volleyball is a little bit different to the original court volleyball, but you might also say that it is one of the best summer beach sports right after surfing.  Sure, the tiny swimsuit uniforms might be an initial draw.  The quality of the athletes, however, will keep spectators coming back.  As for catching a game this summer, the Extreme Volleyball Professionals group hosts several games in the Florida beach areas.  The FIVB lists several competitions that take beach volleyball matches all over the world including Russia, Norway and Switzerland this summer.


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