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Five Romantic Places to Visit in Spain

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

Seeped in history, it is hard to not find romantic spots in every nook and cranny in Europe. The cobblestone streets, the towns crawling up hillsides, the castles, the gastronomy and wine…


It’s easy to be greeted with a seemingly endless array of places to share with that special someone. In Spain, there are the mountains, the little villages, the big cities, the gorgeous beaches, all conducive to setting the stage for a magical and romance-filled holiday.


From the no-brainer romantic spots (La Alhambra) to some that just need a little bit of thinking outside of the box (Tarifa), romantic spots in Spain are easy to find:



La Albufera, Valencia:  Just south of the beautiful Valencia is La Albufera. Take a day trip or book beachside accommodation and take some time to explore this serene and beautiful landscape. The Albufera Nature Park is the perfect place to get in touch with the outdoors. The park is one of the most important nature parks in the region and is home to a freshwater lagoon that feeds via three canals into the Mediterranean. Make a day of it and take in the sights of the wetlands or, for bird-lovers, look for the 100,000-plus that make the park their home. It’s also the birthplace of paella, so be sure to enjoy some of the local gastronomy (at a candle-lit table overlooking the water, of course) before heading out.


La Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia: This Moorish castle from the 1400s can take the entire day to explore.  Located in the beautiful city of Granada, this hillside fortress oozes romance. Stroll hand-in-hand through the gardens overflowing with blooming roses, sit on a bench and take in the fountains and scenic overlooks of the city, or just wander from building to building, admiring the intricacies of the architecture and the well-preserved art.  After spending the day in the ancient palaces, head back down the hill to the Arabic market and take in the sweet wafting smell of the shisha bars, enjoy some Moroccan mint tea or head to a local restaurant for some vino and complimentary tapas. At night, wander the back alleys to find hidden treasures, like flamenco clubs. Note: Booking a ticket at La Alhambra requires to be committed to a specific time slot. This is a popular attraction, so get there early in the morning to get the ticket. There is a café with tapas, wine and coffee to tide people over while waiting to enter this attraction.


El Reitro, Madrid: Yes, it is a park. And yes, it is in a bustling city, but that doesn’t make it any less romantic. Just ask the countless lovers draped on each other in very public displays of affection. This sprawling expanse lies just outside of the city center, near the glorious Prado art museum.  On a sunny day, the green grass of El Reitro is the perfect place to spend some couple-time. Pack a lunch, grab a bottle of wine, and enjoy a picnic near the rose garden. Or, head over to the lake to rent a rowboat. There’s even a horse-drawn carriage to up the romance factor. During the summer months, the former Monarch-owned park features free concerts to enjoy.


Segovia, Castilla y Leon:  A perfect day trip from Madrid, the ancient city of Segovia has some picture-perfect spots to admire with a partner. First, hit the center of the town to see the ancient Roman aqueduct that splices across the main square. Then, head over to the gothic cathedral. End the “must-sees” at the Cinderella-esque castle, Alcazar. Take the tour and stop to look out over the stunning Spanish countryside from one of the large picture windows. For some alone time, head to the path which winds down the castle’s perch to the outskirts of town way below. There, sit by the little creek surrounded by blossoming trees for a different perspective of Alcazar. Afterwards, head to one of the restaurants to try the local delicacy – a roast suckling pig with meat so tender it is sliced with a plate.


Tarifa, Andalusia: There’s something ridiculously romantic about sitting on the sand of the Mediterranean and seeing Africa in the distance. In Tarifa, spend time lounging on the beach where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. This underrated small town is the southernmost point in continental Europe and features both Spanish and Moroccan charm. For adventuresome couples, there’s windsurfing and kite surfing courtesy of the winds from the Strait of Gilbraltar.  Meander through the small alleys of the old city and stop in a courtyard for a clara or tinto de verano on the patio.


Take in a few or all of these romantic sites on your next Spanish advenutre. Get there for less with cheap flights to Spain from OneTravel.


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