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New York City Announces “Wayfinding” Signs to Help Direct Pedestrians

This blog post was updated on October 18, 2018.

A visit to New York City can be magical. For some, it can also be downright confusing. Finding one’s way around the city that never sleeps can be a hassle for even the most seasoned visitors.


It should serve as welcome relief for many, then, that New York City recently announced plans for a new “Wayfinding” sign system to assist pedestrians.


The planned signs will contain neighborhood maps, directions to nearby landmarks, and estimated walking distances to the nearest attractions.


The Department of Transportation hopes the system will help ease visitor confusion as well as the burden on the city’s mass transit system as more visitors will be inclined to walk to close destinations.


The signs are expected to debut soon in Chinatown, Long Island City, and Midtown Manhattan. Following its initial launch, the system could quickly expand to the city’s outer boroughs.


Source:  Wall Street Journal

Flickr: Ed Yourdon

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