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Five of Las Vegas’ Best Tapas Restaurants

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

The small plate phenomena isn’t going anywhere. Tapas are a big deal in Las Vegas with outlets opening up regularly boasting the option of trying more than one bite for a meal.


Perfect for groups, tapas are wildly popular in town. For those arriving on flights to Las Vegas, many options exist when it comes to tapas, both in Strip hotels and Off-Strip.


Juilan Serrano inside ARIA: Renowned chef Julian Serrano delivers his unique twist on tapas at the whimsical restaurant of the same name.  Set inside a whimsical atmosphere, there are a few options for indulging in the menu.


First, there’s ordering straight off the menu. Then, there is a $39 early evening menu that offers three courses and a $59 signature tasting menu with four courses. Try: the signature dish, Lobster – Pineapple Skewers with Ahi Tuna, “Molecular” Raspberry and Wasabi.


Jaleo by Jose Andres in The Cosmopolitan: Fresh from DC, Jaleo brings Chef Jose Andres’ infamous tapas to Las Vegas in a cafeteria-style setting – think long tables and benches. Not only are there tapas here, but also paella to chow on. Try: Erizosde Mar Con Pipirrana, a spoonful of Sea Urchin served with diced peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Johnny Smalls at Hard Rock Hotel: Johnny Smalls isn’t your typical tapas establishment. Sure, there are the traditional Spanish tapas, but then there’s also Asian dim sum, Italian antipasti and mezze selections and even American appetizers. This vibrant and fun restaurant even offers a special All-You-Can-Eat menu for $24.99 ($19 for player’s club members). Try: Mac & Cheese Daddy, fried patties with tomato, arugula and garlic aioli.


FIREFLY on Paradise: This tapas restaurant is the locals darling. It’s regularly packed and known not only for its food but for the killer sangria it serves. Grab a seat on the patio, the bar or restaurant … regardless of where you sit, Firefly delivers consistently delicious tapas and entrees to the masses. Try: Stuffed Dates, wrapped in bacon with almonds and blue cheese in a red wine reduction sauce.


Kyara: While it’s not on The Strip or even relatively close (a cab ride will cost you a bit), Kyara gives diners a change from the normal tapas. If you’re searching for a small plate experience that takes you beyond the norm, then Kyara with its Japanese tapas is the place to check out. It does serve sushi, but the restaurant has garnered a reputation for its tapas, ranging from fried to skewers and more. Try: Yamakake, a grated potato dish.


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