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Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

This blog post was updated on October 9, 2018.

Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Expo Milano 2015 will be the largest worldwide event ever to focus on the topic of food. Themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” this major non-commercial international exposition will present a unique opportunity to discover “all the facets of food and what surrounds it: flavor, comparison, sharing, creativity, nutrition, growth and sustainability.”

The exposition will run from the 1st of May through October 31th and will feature five thematic areas (Pavilion Zero, Arts & Foods, Biodiversity Park, Children’s Park, and Future Food District) and nine clusters (Arid Zones, Bio Mediterraneum, Cereals & Tubers, Cocoa, Coffee, Fruits & Legumes, Islands, Rice, and Spices) to visitors to explore. There will be 144 countries participating (about ¾ of all sovereign nations and 99% of the world population) with more than 50 national pavilions.

One of the many highlights of Expo Milano 2015 will be Allvita! a dance show staged by Cirque du Soleil that will mix music, art, food and cultural traditions. Allvita! will run from May 6 through August 23 in the expo’s Open Air Theater with capacity for 11,000 people on its lawn and steps.

Expo Milano 2015 already has its own official mascot too, named Foody. Designed by Disney Italia, the Foody with his face comprised of different foods is an homage to Milan born artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo famous for his Four Seasons paintings with their collages of foods forming portraits of people.

Whether heading to Milan specifically to attend the expo or planning to make it part of a wider Italian itinerary, being held in Milan should certainly provide will be plenty of great ways to enjoy even more wonderful food beyond (but not too terribly far from) the event.

The history of the Expo dates back to 1851 when the first Universal Expo was held in London. Through the years these events have served as “a showcase of innovation and human inspiration” such as when Alexander Graham Bell presented his telephone prototype at Expo Philadelphia in 1876 or when the Eiffel Tower was designed and built for the Paris Expo in 1889.

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