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European Politeness! How To Say ‘Please’ All Over Europe

Traveling around Europe might lead you from one country to the next in a matter of hours not days or weeks. With so many different countries so close together, a traveler can easily botch simple words and phrases. Your hello one day might be Bonjour and the next Ciao. Some of these mix-ups won’t cost you more than a laugh from a local, but others could leave you seeming like the rude tourist. Rather than blurting out what you want at ticket counters and restaurants across Europe, you might want to tack on a please to those requests. Just as your mother probably taught you, being polite can go a long way, especially if you are traveling a long way around Europe. Before you take off, be sure you know how to say please all around the continent.

Spanish: Por favor

German: Bitte

Italian: Per favore

French: S’il vous plaît

Greek: Parakalo

Czech: Prosím

Dutch: Alstublieft

Croatian: Molim

Turkish: Lütfen

Swedish: Tack

Slovenian: Prosim

Portuguese: Por favor

Polish: Proszę

Hungarian: Kérem


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