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Christmas Beverages Around the World

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

Christmas Beverages Around the World (Image:Wikimedia)

It’s T-minus-2 days until Santa arrives and, considering the guy travels more miles than you’ll rack up in your lifetime in one night, it’s only fair that you offer him a little more than a lousy glass of milk or eggnog to give him sustenance.


In the far corners of the globe, people are spending the holidays sipping on beverages that are full of flavor and culturally iconic. Try your hand at one of these world-wide favorites…


Sorrel: This festive and unique red beverage is made by boiling the dried flowers of the leafy sorrel plant with cloves and ginger and sweetening it with sugar.  The drink is popular across the Caribbean, where the plant grows in abundance, but you can find dried sorrel sold in Latin American, Caribbean and African grocery and specialty stores across the U.S.


Glühwein: Found steaming in gigantic caldrons along the passage-ways of Germany’s Christmas markets, Glühwein is essentially a cold-weather version of sangria – hot mulled red wine sweetened with sugar and given a touch of pizzazz with fruit and dried spices.


Champurrado: This Mexican comfort beverage gives the same warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you down a bowl of grandma’s homemade oatmeal. Served during the Christmas season, often with a side of tamales, the porridge-like concoction is essentially hot chocolate thickened with cornmeal and blended using a molonillo (wooden Mexican whisk). Make your own or find the nearest Mexican grocery store and buy a pack of the instant mix.





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