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The Cheapest Countries You Should Visit in Central and South America

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Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on November 28, 2019.

Ever imagine what it’d be like to travel the globe without spending a large chunk of money? Well, you can! Some of the most opulent countries in the world that you wouldn’t dare to price out and travel to in both South and Central America are believe it or not cheap! Here’s a list of countries in Central and South America for you to adventure to without completely emptying your bank account!


Tango in Argentina

Average daily spend: US$75-$85

Tango your way down to Argentina for the best of Latin life. Whether you’re there to engage in the elegant bustle of Buenos Aires, to “go gaucho” and ride the range out on the pampas, or take in the panoramas of Patagonia, be sure to try the world famous wine, superb steaks, and uplifting yerba mate during your visit. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll find a silver lining with low prices for top quality in Argentina.


Snorkeling in Belize

Average daily spend: US$70-$80

Belize it or not, this tiny Central American country offers big value for cost-conscious travelers. Discover Mayan ruins, dive into crystal clear Caribbean waters and get up close with amazing rainforest wildlife – all on the cheap!


On the salt flats in Bolovia

Average daily spend: US$25-$35

For an affordable Andean adventure, your best bet is Bolivia. Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni Saline salt plans, and the vibrant capital of La Paz are a few of the most lauded reasons to visit this friendly mountainous nation.


Soccer on the beach in Brazil

Average daily spend: US$65-$75

Big beats, big cities, big beaches, big rivers, big flavors and big fun! Yes indeed, it’s easy to big up Brazil as a brilliant choice for anyone seeking a sensational experience while also saving money.


Taking in the view in Colombia

Average daily spend: US$65-$75

Remember that one phenomenally flavorsome cup of coffee or that extremely delicious piece of artisan chocolate you had that one time? There’s a good chance that its main ingredients came from Colombia. A moderately high altitude garden of Eden, this equatorial wonderland offers loads of tasty temptations to lure travels in search of excitement at modest expense. Colombia cities are among the most modern and welcoming in South America. Its beaches and beach resorts (on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts) are some of the best valued and most beautiful across the Americas.


Jungle expedition in Ecuador

Average daily spend: US$40-$50

Impeccably preserved colonial architecture, pristine Pacific beaches, Amazonian headwaters, and awe-inspiring volcanoes are but some of the excuses to plan an excursion to Ecuador. And if you really want to go “all out” while you’re there, be sure to include a tour of the Galapagos Islands, about 600 miles off its coast.


Traditional celebrations in Guatemala

Average daily spend: US$40-$50

One of the Americas’ most beautiful countries is also one of the cheapest to visit. Be its indigenous culture and cuisine, rugged and varied landscape, Mayan ruins, or a beach break on your choice of Caribbean or Pacific coast, you’ll get more bang for your buck in Guatemala than almost anywhere else in the world.


Volcano view in Nicaragua

Average daily spend: US$35-$45

Enjoy epic hikes up active volcanoes, go island hopping on a surfing safari, and experience rainforest canopy adventures while indulging in scrumptious street food and award-winning rums and reveling in the knowledge that you’re stretching your dollars to the max (without maxing out your credit card). For a back to nature break, you need to go to Nicaragua.


Selfie at Machu Picchu

Average daily spend: US$90-$100

Peru may be Latin America’s premiere bucket list place to visit. With the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, massive mountains, untouched rainforests, a long stretch of Pacific coast, and one of the world’s most adored cuisines, it’s no wonder this nation full of wonders would prevail.


Colonial streetsign in Uruguay

Average daily spend: US$75-$85

Southbound sojourners on a shoestring budget should put Uruguay high on their agenda. In some ways, the best aspects of this underappreciated Atlantic coast nation mirror those of neighboring nation Argentina: gorgeous wines, magnificent meat and old world charm – just at even lower prices. The sandy beaches of Punta del Este offer a haven full of resorts and seaside attractions.

Got more tips on doing Central and South America without going broke? We would love for you to share your insight in the comments section below.

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