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British Airways Head Criticizes American Airport Security

This blog post was updated on January 11, 2022.

British Airways chairman argued in an industry conference that the airline should stop “kowtowing” to American security demands like making passengers take off their shoes and remove laptops from carry-on bags.


Monday night at the UK Airport Operations conference, Martin Broughton said that certain security checks by Americans are “completely redundant.”


The chairman also criticized the United States for mandating intense security on inbound international flights than they do for U.S. domestic travel.


“America does not do internally a lot of the things they demand that we do,” the chairman said. “We shouldn’t stand for that. We should say, ‘We’ll only do things which we consider to be essential and that you Americans also consider essential.’


Other executives in the industry were quick to support the BA executive.


“There will no doubt be widespread agreement,” the Board of Airline Rep head in the UK said.


Source: CNN

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