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Bostonian Eats: Get a Real Slice of Boston

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

When I think of Boston, I think of two things:  red brick buildings and food. Okay, well maybe I think of three things:  accents, red brick buildings and food.

Oh, yes, I think of food – New England style food with fresh fish ‘n chips, roast beef and creamy dessert – and I want to try them all.

Raise your hand if you also think of food as one of travel’s big perks! It seems to be a growing trend that most travelers report back on the grub they ate while on a trip.

So the next time you’re lucky enough to score cheap flights to Boston, be sure to refer back to the following list:

Boston cream pie:  Boston cream pie has Boston in the name for a reason.  As mentioned in the post about the Omni Parker House Hotel, this accommodation was actually home to the invention of the boston cream pie.  This delicious dessert was concocted by French chef M. Sanzian way back in 1856.  The funny thing is, this pie is not really like a pie at all.  It is two layers of cake filled with a cream pudding and topped with chocolate ganache.  Yum.  Boston, you’ve done good things.

Boston baked beans:  Get your baked beans from the city that has been doing them the longest!  Boston baked beans are the kind of beans that have been sweetened, perhaps with maple syrup, and then given a savory kick with bacon or ham bits throughout.  We eat Boston style baked beans all the time in the Midwest, but the true history of the dish goes back to the colonial days of Massachusettes when locals discovered the bean and corn bread recipes used by Native Americans, which were then modified (with molasses from the local rum production) to taste.

Clam chowder:  It’s New England style clam chowder, so Boston is definitely a place to get a good taste.  Typically, this soup is made with cream, milk, bacon, potatoes, pork and clams.  This is not red, and it does not contain tomatoes (never in Boston!).  Have your clam chowder served up in a sourdough bread bowl.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches:  Also popular in the Boston area are hot roast beef sandwiches.  I’m drooling just thinking about this local favorite.  A traditional way to serve this sandwich is with thinly sliced roast beef and a tangy barbecue sauce on a burger bun that has been toasted with butter of course.  Boston’s North Shore is where to look to get your hands on this delicious treat.

Now… who’s hungry?!


Flickr photo credit: Josh Staiger

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