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Bathroom Travel Hacks: How to Go When You’re on the Go During the Holidays

Written by Dhinesh Manuel

Let’s face it: having to use the toilet when you’re traveling can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. You’ll often find yourself in a foreign toilet setup (being introduced to some very foreign smells), be stuck in a long line to access a toilet, find yourself squeezed into a coffin-sized Porta-Potty, or worse still…have the bad luck of being in a stall with no toilet paper.

Throw in the chaos of traveling during the holidays, and you have a deadly concoction that refuses to be flushed down. If you’re on the move over the holidays, follow these 5 essential tips so you can relieve yourself of all anxiety.

Use Your Carry-On as a Portable Squatty-Potty

Some people need a few different positions to make things go smoothly in the toilet, and hey…let’s not laugh, because the squatting position is actually supposed to be the most natural way to go. However, when you’re on the move, you’ll have to play MacGuyver and improvise — use your flat-laying luggage to prop your feet up…and voila!  This hack can also come in handy when you’re in a hostel or hotel room, where you can even turn over a tiny trash can to launch you into instant relief.



Don’t Have a Constipated View of How You Should Go to the Toilet in Other Parts of the World

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of squatting, you’ve probably opened your mind to the idea of using a squatting toilet. If you can’t go with the flow on this one, you’re really up the creek without a paddle. Remember that when nature calls, you might have to do as the locals do! Besides, why else would you travel if you don’t want to experience something different? Worst case, just close your eyes and think of it as a really good lower body workout…
the typical public toilet in China

You’ve Gotta Roll With It…Responsibly

It’s important to know that, in a lot of countries, water is the preferred after-toilet posterior cleanser, which is a reason why you wouldn’t want to stuff the toilet full of toilet paper. Always remember to carry your own roll of TP for travel purposes in preparation for this scenario. If you do need to use some toilet roll, be mindful that some toilets may even overflow with a bit of paper in there, so take along a little baggie with you so you can dispose of them responsibly.


Practice Airplane Toilet Etiquette

When you’re 30,000 feet above the ground, you may not be expecting that unbearable urge to use the restroom, but on a long haul flight, you bet you’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later. While airline toilets are notoriously cramped, just be grateful you do have a place to put your body back at ease. Remember that as soon as the pilot switches off the seatbelt sign is the best time to hit the toilet before things start getting busy in the aisles with drinks served. Also, it goes without saying, but splashing water all over and leaving tissues lying around is a definite traveler no-no. Another tip you can use if you don’t want to leave your odors hanging behind you is to ask cabin crew for some packs of ground coffee, and place them around the toilet; the ground coffee will soak up the odors, leaving the toilet fresh for the person who comes after you.


Cling on to That Loose Change!

While you might be tempted to empty your pockets of all that foreign spare change you may have accumulated while traveling around a city, BUT don’t forget that in a lot of places around the world, especially in Europe, you may need that change to pay for access to public toilets. So hang on to that change till the very last minute before you leave your holiday destination.



Got any other tips we may have missed? Let us know in the comments!


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