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Advertisers See Dollar Signs at Airport Security Checkpoints

What do you see when standing in line at a TSA checkpoint? Your striking similarity to cattle being herded into a full-body scanner? The 70-year-old grandmother being asked to remove her shoes? The know-it-all college student ranting about his rights?


While you’re likely to see all of this, advertisers see just one thing: dollar signs. While ads first began appearing at security checkpoints a few years ago, the idea is once again starting to pick up steam. Ads in TSA bins used to collect belts, shoes, and loose metal recently debuted at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, joining about a dozen other airports in the United States already selling TSA ad space.


While the idea may initially sound a bit morbid, it may turn out to be a win-win for all involved. The TSA gets new clean bins every few weeks (free of charge), advertisers get a captive audience, and travelers get something to focus on besides the back of the head of the passenger in front of them.


OK, well maybe it’s just a win for advertisers and the TSA.


Source: Chron

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