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A ‘Bloodline’ Tour of the Florida Keys

This blog post was updated on March 24, 2022.

Starring Kyle Chandler and Sissy Spacek, the Netflix series Bloodline debuted in the spring, detailing the story of the Rayburn family and of course their dark secrets. Set in the Florida Keys, the far reaches of the state are ironically a key part of the show. If you have already binge-watched Bloodline and can’t wait for season two, you might want to plan a little tour of the area in the meantime.

Stop 1 — The Rayburn House:
Probably the most featured spot on the series is the Rayburn House, the spot where the Rayburn parents own an inn. That typical Florida Keys building is actually part of the Moorings Village and Spa in Islamorada. While the luxury accommodations could set you back a pretty penny to rest up like the Rayburns, you can always forgo staying the night and visit the hotel’s café to visualize the Rayburns twittering about on the property’s iconic beach. The actual Rayburn House is the Moorings cottage, the Blue Charlotte House.


Stop 2 — Cruising the Overseas Highway:

Many shots on Bloodline showcase the engineering marvel, the Overseas Highway. The famed thoroughfare stretches from Key Largo to the very tip of Key West, making up the southernmost leg of the U.S. 1. The Overseas Highway is an essential bucket list road trip as it whisks drivers over seascapes of tempting turquoise. You can even spot remains of the old railroad from 1912 along the way that inspired the road to be built in the first place.

Stop 3 — Rayburn Food and Drink:
Several Florida Keys’ restaurants make appearances on the show. Fans looking to wine and dine like the Rayburns can head to several spots along the Overseas Highway, starting with Alabama Jacks. The 1947 Key Largo institution appears in the first episode when Danny sits down for fish tacos. However, Alabama Jacks isn’t known for their fish tacos but rather their crispy conch fritters. The Ocean View Pub and Inn also makes an appearance on Bloodline in a classic Danny Rayburn brawl. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Gary Dunn owns the sports bar in Islamorada.

Stop 4 — The Rayburn’s Favorite Beaches and State Parks:
Some of the shows most infamous and memorable scenes take place in natural attractions up and down the Keys. If you want to frequent some of the Rayburn’s favorite beaches, you should head to Anne’s Beach Park. Located on Lower Matecumbe Key, the beach is at its best at low tide when you can appreciate the shallow and clear turquoise water. Anne’s Beach Park plays the setting for patriarch Robert Rayburn’s kayak ride. Fans of the series will also want to make a stop at Long Key State Park, set on Long Key. Making for a fine spot for snorkeling and fishing, the state park even offers a canoe trail and a boardwalk through the mangroves. However, you might have a hard time visiting if you have seen the series and know what happens here between John Rayburn and Danny Rayburn.


Pic via Wikimedia – Elkman

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