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8 Do’s and Don’ts On the Night Before a Big Trip

In roughly 6 hours, I will be getting up for my early flight home to Colorado. I won’t find myself in Denver until 5PM, if all goes well.


That puts me at 1AM in Dublin, my current location. Tomorrow is going to be a long day to say the least.


Travel is one thing most people don’t mind getting up early for, that is if you are headed somewhere amazing in the morning.


Now we all do things the night before a big trip that probably help the next morning. However, there are also those things we really shouldn’t be doing.


From going on benders to resting up, here are a few dos and don’ts to consider the night before a big trip.


Don’t get drunk—When I studied abroad in Sicily, one of my roommates missed his flight to Sicily due to a drunken bender the night before his flight. While it may seem appealing to go throw back a few the night before you take off, don’t do it. Missing flights won’t make it worth it in the morning, or afternoon depending on when you wake up from your stupor.


Do drink a lot of water—The night before a big trip home or to some foreign land, I always drink a lot of water. Eat an apple while you are at it. Traveling can be detrimental to one’s health with germs lurking on that airplane tray table. It is always best to go into a long travel day as healthy as you possibly can be. Drinking fluids (those alcoholic drinks not included) can help quiet that sore throat you feel coming on the night before a 16 hour flight.


Don’t pull an all-nighter—Somewhat along the same lines as drinking, if you have loads of work to get done before a big trip, don’t try to do it all the night before. Some travelers just stay up all night if they have early morning flights. The thought here is that you can sleep on the plane. However, that sleep on the plane is never as good as the sleep you missed out on the night before. If you are somewhat rested and ready for a long journey, chances are you won’t miss connections due to being rundown and listless from that all-nighter you pulled.


Do rest and relax—Watch a movie. Get a few hours of a sleep. Whatever you need to do to rest and relax will help you in the morning when you are catching buses, trains and maybe even hovercrafts. A big travel day is far from restful. Soak up being able to stretch those legs for in a few hours, they will be confined to a space smaller than a bread box.


Don’t pack everything at the 11th hour—While I am guilty of this on almost every trip, packing the night before always leaves me stressed and tired in the morning. A tote bag strap breaks. You have too much to bring and you need another suitcase. If you leave everything until the last minute, you might forget key items.


Do find a reliable alarm—There might be nothing worse than either forgetting to set your alarm for an early flight or sleeping right through it. If you need to be up at a certain time for a big travel day, let someone else know. If you need your mom to call you while you are in Dubai all the way from Kansas, so be it. Don’t rely on just one alarm. Set several, especially for flight. If you want to wake up to the loud ringing of the telephone, schedule a wake up call at your hotel.


Don’t leave travel planning for the morning—If you are not sure what time your plane leaves or you don’t know when the only bus to roll through the village that day comes, you may find yourself in trouble in the morning. Sort out all planning details at least the night before, if not sooner. Time you always think you will have in the morning is usually non-existent.


Do Shower—For the sake of those who will be forced to sit next to you on long flights or 10 hour bus rides, please shower. Some travelers just throw being clean out the window when they anticipate a long travel day. However, those around you might not appreciate the smell. Without a good scrubbing, you will also feel a thousand times more disgusting when you finally get to your final destination.


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