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7 of the Best Yoga Spas From Around the World

This blog post was updated on August 24, 2018.




Yoga is all about your body, mind and soul. Its teachings have been an integral part of Hinduism, and its mysterious and exotic nature has fascinated millions of devoted followers since time immemorial.  If you’ve never practiced Yoga, you’d be wise to start.  Improved breathing, less stress, weight loss, increased flexibility, more strength and inner peace—these are only a few of the benefits you’ll experience with this ancient practice.

And, best of all, Yoga is no longer limited to monks who sit in the hills of Asia. If you wish to experience it, there are many options available for all. But here is our list of the top seven most relaxing yoga spa retreats from across the globe.  Read the article, visit these places, and take a step towards making your lives healthier, happier and more capable!
1.Shreyas Yoga Retreat  Karnataka, India

India deserves the title of being the World capital of Yoga. Shreyas Yoga Retreat is a 25 acres garden landscape that provides a fully immersed experience in traditional yoga and meditation philosophies and practices. The retreat program offers yoga and meditation to connect to the inner self, deep tissue massages to rejuvenate, a pool and steam baths with medicinal features, sporting facilities and a private home theater and library.
2.Samahita Retreat KohSamui, Thailand

“Balanced” is what Samahita refers to in Sanskrit. This is both an ashram and a vacation retreat center offering yoga retreats, wellness programs, and training in yoga, pranayama and teaching meditation. Delicious and healthy food only adds to the charm. The yoga is focused and intense. Get ready to live on a limited diet before entering a detox program here. You may also be tempted with Reiki training and massage workshops. There is also a barefoot run program available.
3.Sivananda Ashram Paradise Island, Bahamas

Imagine performing yoga on Paradise Island; crystal blue waters lapping around your body, white sands caressing the bottom of your feet as you walk, lush vegetation and swaying palm trees shading you from the moderately tempered heat. Come to Sivananda for that. It is a beginner’s yoga retreat that endeavors to offer you the best Yoga experience. Without a doubt this traditional ashram, with a strong focus on the self, gives the true Yoga experience.

4.Jatoba Terra PranaLar Yoga, Brazil

Tucked away in the Brazilian countryside, Jatoba Terra PranaLar Yoga retreats incorporates different styles of yoga Yin, Hatha, Karma and Mandala to name a few. Meditation, sacred dances and Zen Shiatsu are some of their features. Guests of the retreat are also offered children’s programs designed exclusively for kids.

5. Rolling Meadows Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center, Mexico

Regardless if you’re in search of spiritual enlightenment or if you’re just looking to give yourself a “break” from it all, this yoga retreat is something you should experience. While it merges the daily yoga practice with meditation, it also teaches social silence.  Leave your “to-do list” behind and become immersed in the amazing feel of serenity.

6. KaliYoga, Spain

Get ready for a whole body experience under the blessed sunshine. At KaliYoga, you get twice a day yoga classes in the backdrop of majestic mountain scenery. The wide array of views and cultural depth will leave you eternally enriched.  The food is vegetarian and totally healthy.  Cooking workshops with cultural excursions enhance the experience. Kaliyoga awaits the seekers of tranquility.

7.Esalen, Big Sur, California

One cannot compile this list without including Big Sur? Esalen is a place that is easily reachable and thus is one of the most sought after resorts in the States.  It claims to conduct over 400 workshops annually. This retreat center allows visitors to live in a temporary community while learning a variety of individual growth programs including yoga, massage and spirituality. It also offers classes on music and art. The sound of sea, delicate air, mountain and hot mineral springs here compliment the experience.


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