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The 7 Biggest Travel Trends for 2018 And Where to Best Experience Them!

Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on May 7, 2020.

The new year brings in a lot of promise. New opportunities, new adventures and a brand new set of trends. Wondering what next year’s biggest travel trends will be?

Here’s our go at predicting what’s going to create the most buzz in 2018 – and where best to experience the trends.

Digital Detox


The need for gadget-free getaways where no signal and poor reception are a boon is bound to grow and to be catered to with more destinations offering the chance for visitors to disconnect from the digital demands of everyday life.

So where’s best to not have a working vacation or keep in touch with the office? Think: island escapes (Greece, Cook Islands, Samoa), mountain hideaways (Wyoming, Nepal, Switzerland) and desert oases (Utah, Chile, Namibia).

Luxury to the Eastshutterstock_376813501

With major players opening high-end hotels in previously untapped markets across Central and Eastern Europe – such as InterContinental’s launch of the first five-star luxury hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia and similar plans to do the same in Sofia, Bulgaria – looking east will be a safe bet for keeping track of the latest in luxury travel trends.

Jetsetters keen to be among the first to book sessions or suites at Europe’s newest spas, resorts, and upscale hotels would be wise to watch what’s doing in Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Odd Accommodations

Yurt in the snow

Yurts, treehouses, historical homes, repurposed industrial sites, RVs, riverboats … essentially anywhere you can safely spend the night that’s not a traditional hotel will be a hot property in 2018 with travelers seeking novelty and Instagrammable settings to make their trips that much more memorable.

Where to book the quirkiest rooms and weirdest retreats? Have a look at Hawaii, Panama, Finland and Italy.

Crafting a Hands-on Holidayshutterstock_518100106

Trips that involve the opportunity to discover or develop a skill and return home with souvenirs made by hand by you will be a big hit in the new year.

From glassblowing workshops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to jamon hanging holidays in southern Spain, whatever you’re into you should be able to find enthusiastic experts willing to impart their knowledge in the right and relevant surroundings.

Back to Basics

Safe, clean and conveniently situated budget-friendly hotels with small rooms featuring minimal amenities will continue to beckon travelers interested in exploring their destinations spending their money on what’s happening with the locals on the street.

Look for such perfunctory but perfectly comfy and smartly situated hotels in British cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

The Future is Nowshutterstock_624228260

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality apps-based services and more travel-relevant technologies should enable more people to get where they want to go faster and with fewer hitches and possible at lower costs.

Follow what’s happening with airports in Australia and Southeast Asia for breakthroughs in security and efficiency and West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle for latest gear, gadgets, and apps to make your travels more fruitful and fun.

Delectable Destinations


Just about any and everywhere that can claim its own authentic cuisine. In 2018 with foodies going farther afield and deeper within their own communities for quality culinary experiences.

Top places to eat and drink? For stateside savories, head to Tucson, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Greenville, North Carolina; and Portland, Maine. Tastiest overseas sightseeing tours are to be had in Cognac, France; Setouchi, Japan; and Porto, Portugal.

What are your predictions for travel trends in 2018?

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