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6 Blogs to Read Before You Visit Lima

This blog post was updated on April 2, 2020.

6 Blogs to Read Before You Visit Lima

From being home to what currently is considered to be the world’s hippest cuisine to its role as a Gateway to the majestic Andes and amazing sights such as Machu Picchu, Lima is an awesome destination.

Here’s a look at a few local blogs offering insight to help you make the most of your visit.
Academic Troll

This fun and “highly subjective” blog by an “off-duty anthropologist, blogger and editor” from Finland features regularly updated observations about life in Peru.

… en Peru

A rather unwieldy website, but this popular “source for everything Peru” is jam packed with info about things to do (and avoid) when visiting Peru. The blog’s Lima City Guide is especially usefully.

The Karikuy Blog

This blog reflects the social side of the Karikuy Organization tour group, which aims to “explore all aspects of Peruvian society through the voices of its citizens, tourists and volunteers” and shares a “narrative for an in depth and unbiased look into the heart of Peru and its culture.” For an especially meaningful way to see Lima or other areas of Peru, look into Karikuy’s volunteer programs.

Since 2006, LimaEasy has been working to make your visit to Lima as hassle free as possible. Here you’ll find loads of great advice, guides, links etc to maximize your time when you’re in Peru – be it as a medical tourist, business traveler, backpacker or luxury lifestyler.

Lima Walks

Lima Walks serves as the eponymous landing page for a Lima based walking tour company founded by Ronald Elward, a Dutch editor and publisher who’s lived in Lima since 2008. Whether you decide to take a highly rated Lima Walk tour (conducted in English, German, Spanish or Dutch) or not, the blog serves as an excellent read about the city.
The Ultimate Peru List

The Ultimate Peru List is a “comprehensive and regularly updated” resource for people considering moving to Peru. It’s a handy website to keep in mind if you’re only planning a visit too and provides top insights to current affairs, culture and society. The blog’s Free Time Activities and Tourism list particularly practical for folks planning a trip to Lima.

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