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5 U.S. Hot Chocolate Spots You Have to Try to Believe

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on July 21, 2021.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but these steaming cups of hot cocoa are so delightful. This winter, thaw out with elixirs that blend history into the cocoa mix, festivals of flavor, and much more! With these five restaurants on your radar, you’ll sip your way to warm and toasty.

Read on to get the scoop on some of the hottest spots in the US to get your hot cocoa on!

Serendipity 3

Image via Flickr CC-Jennifer 8. Lee

Image via Flickr CC-Jennifer 8. Lee

It’s the world-famous dessert spot located in the greatest city in the world! Serendipity has been featured throughout the media for decades and is a major hot spot for celebs, tourists, and even local New Yorkers. With lots to choose from on the menu, the popular choice is the frozen hot chocolate. The size of the frozen hot chocolate large and is like no other hot chocolate around… especially since it’s freezing cold. And, if you plan to go with your significant other or friends than trust us, it’s shareable!

We recommend “The Frozen Hot Chocolate”… obviously!


Chocolopolis, located in Seattle, offers selections from Africa, Colombia, Madagascar, and more, even the pickiest chocolate connoisseur would be hard-pressed not to find a flavor to indulge in. While you’re at it, perfect your sipping experience with housemade vanilla marshmallows or treat the kiddos to a lighter children’s hot chocolate. And if that’s not enticing enough for your taste buds, customers can purchase any artisan-crafted chocolate bar from the store and employees will whip it into a warm and toasty beverage for a small fee. Fully customizable hot chocolate? Yes, please!

We recommend “The Spicy Dark Infused Drinking Chocolate”. Top this rich blend with the shop’s homemade marshmallows for a pick-me-up that’s mmh-mmh good!


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Xoco is warming up the Windy City with roasted Mexican flavor. Located in Chicago is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the best part is their unique chocolate dessert! Xoco is original when it comes to their “bean-to-cup” chocolate program. Cocao beans are shipped from Tabasco and are then roasted, winnowed, and ground. After all that is complete, the chocolate is ready to be made. The bean-to-cup is fresh and guaranteed to be delish!

We recommend “The Aztec”. Its sizzling combination of fresh-ground chocolate, chile, and allspice makes for an especially fiery experience.

City Bakery

Decadent hot chocolate meets buttery, flaky pastries in one of the most dangerous diet killers of the century. Home of the Hot Chocolate Festival, City Bakery has made a name for itself as one of the finest cocoa joints in New York City. A previous February festival featured a host of mouthwatering hot chocolate flavors including ginger, pistachio, and caramel. Math isn’t my thing, but I’m almost certain that 1 cup of steaming cocoa + 1 flaky pretzel croissant = heaven.

We recommend you order “The Original”. Sometimes, it’s best to sip the one that started it all

Kakawa Chocolate House

We prefer our history lessons with a shot of chocolate on the side, thank you very much. Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe, New Mexico is where you can melt your sorrows away—or simply warm up—with herb, flower, and chile-infused elixirs from ages past. Ever wonder what the Mayan Aztecs of Mesoamerica or denizens of 1600s Europe indulged in? As it turns out, they didn’t have it bad when it came to toasty treats.

We recommend “The Marie Antoinette”. Let them eat cake and drink orange blossom-infused hot cocoa!

Do you know of any other hot chocolate places worth trying? Tell us in the comments below!

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