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4 Last Minute Air Travel Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on March 12, 2019.

Cheers to the last long weekend of summer! Travelers should expect crowds in both airports and on the road as most people are getting away for the 3-day weekend before heading back to work and school. While many travelers go by car for their Labor Day travels, more and more adventurers are traveling for the weekend by air. Avoid the aggravation and be aware of how to deal with the airport traffic and commotion during holiday travel.

If you are one of the millions traveling throughout airports this Labor Day weekend, be sure to keep these last minute air travel tips in mind.

Stop! Check for Delays!


Many airports are doing construction around their terminals, often at one of the worst times like Labor Day weekend. You often don’t realize this until you are stuck in construction traffic and end up missing your flight. Travelers should be sure to check the websites of the airports they are traveling through to make certain they can plan on any traffic delays or road closures. It is also a good idea to check your airport’s website to find out how long the security lines are on the day of your travels. security and traffic delays

Be an Early Bird


Just as traffic and security lines can delay you, other problems can occur when traveling during such a busy point in the year. Many airports tend to schedule all of their flights around the same time. This can be problematic if you want to get a seat at the gate. Also, you could face problems with getting a seat next to everyone in your party on your flight. If you arrive earlier to the airport, you are more likely to get a seat at the gate and also a more favorable seat on the plane. Arriving early can help turn a major issue into a non-issue because you have more time.

Consider the Upgrade 


Traveling during a busy time of the year has a way of testing a traveler’s patience. Labor Day is no exception. To handle the crowds at the airport a little better, travelers might want to spring for an upgrade. Not only can you score a better seat on your flight, but you could also board before the masses, use the lounge or even bypass the long security lines. Sometimes paying for an upgrade has its perks during chaotic travel times like Labor Day weekend.

Avoid Checking Luggage


If you’re just getting away for the long weekend you should consider traveling with only a carry-on bag. With a high volume of people traveling, baggage claims will most certainly be jammed with luggage and crowds. Labor Day’s short weekend doesn’t give air travelers much time to waste at baggage claim. If you want to be on your way when you touch down, try avoiding checking luggage to avoid the long wait times at baggage claim.

Do you have any holiday air travel tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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