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4 Great Blogs about Portugal

This blog post was updated on September 28, 2018.

4 Great Blogs about Portugal It's right there almost glaring at you on any map of Western Europe: Portugal. So to call it a hidden gem would be something of a misnomer. Nonetheless, compared to most of its neighbors, this compact and scenic country is still largely undiscovered by international travelers. With its long stretch of coastline, age-old yet incredibly modern wine regions, ancient history, and easy access from the rest of Europe (and the world), those unaware of what's on offer in this warm and welcoming destination are really missing out!

Of course, some folks are clued in to the benefits of visiting Portugal. Take this quartet of blogs, for instance…

Julie Dawn Fox
This blog is published by a “serial expat” from the UK who’s been exploring Portugal since she moved there in 2007 and blogging about her experiences and discoveries since 2011. She really gets around too – and odds are whatever you're hoping to find out about for your trip to Portugal, Julie's done, blogged about it (with gorgeous photos) and shared some great tips on how to make the most out of your time there. See for yourself at

Piglet in Portugal
The popular Piglet in Portugal blog teems with tips and quirky stories that are “all based on first hand experience.” Piglet throws in lots of great photography too! For ideas on what to do when in Portugal alongside personal commentary and a great rapport with her readership (loads of comments here!), visit piglet online at

Portugal Confidential
Portugal Confidential is a handy resource for listings and info about “everything cool in Portugal.” As tiny as the country may be that still amounts to a whole lot of fun, and PC does a smashing job making sure to cover the best and most interesting events, activities and attractions. Check out the site at


Salt of Portugal
Here's a blog featuring lots of regularly updated content about 'places to see, food to eat, wine to drink, poetry to read, and whatever else comes to mind” with respect to having a blast in Portugal. From tips on the “indispensable summer vacation” to where to eat the best pastel de nata in Lisbon, Salt of Portugal has the answer. Have a taste at

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