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4 Apps to Pack for More Organized Travels

This blog post was updated on September 27, 2019.

After nearly three months of travel with countless flights, hotels and rental cars to remember, I pulled out a sea of papers and documents from my bag. Each an every flight, hotel stop and car rental pick up was a test in my scavenger hunt skills in my inbox and my bag. And after such disorganized chaos, I resolved to never travel this way again, thanks for a few travel organization apps. If you are fed up with all of those loose pieces of paper in your bag and the endless scrolling on your devices to find your reservation at the right moment, here are a few travel organization apps to the rescue.

TripIt: Easily one of the most popular travel itinerary apps, TripIt keeps track of your itinerary and travel plans. The free version allows you to send your trip related emails such as airline confirmations and hotel reservations to The app then organizes your plans into one area. In addition to keeping track of your travel plans, TripIt also lends directions, maps and weather information for each stop on your trip. Travelers on the road will also appreciate being able to access their itineraries while offline in the middle of nowhere.

Evernote: The productivity and organization app Evernote can also come in handy for keeping track of your travels. Aside from organizing details of your trip, the app also helps you plan. You can track your trip budget before, during and after your trip through Evernote. You can also add clips of your destinations along with articles about places you want to go to and reference them when you actually get there. Along with packing lists, Evernote also makes it possible to add all of those emails from friends sending their recommendations of where you should go and eat at your destination.

World Mate: For business travelers, World Mate caters to you. The free version works very similarly to other travel organizational apps in that you can forward all of your trip details to where they are then organized neatly in the app. However, World Mate does appeal to business travelers with LinkedIn integration. You can share your trip details with your LinkedIn connections, even arranging a meeting for a colleague that might be on your upcoming travel path. Other features include a currency converter and tip calculator.

TripCase: The free app TripCase also allows travelers to forward their travel related emails to to organize their travel plans. TripCase also presents a timeline view of your travels so you can get a sense of the bigger picture of when events, flights and hotel check-ins are taking place. In addition, travelers will find information on seat maps, weather forecasts, driving directions and 48 hours in advance flight monitoring. TripCase is particularly helpful when you can’t even remember when your hotel’s checkout time might be.

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