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4 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

This blog post was updated on August 14, 2019.

There are many amazing places to visit in Asia that won’t break the bank, and what better occasion to do so than your honeymoon! In an effort to streamline your trip planning, we’ve compiled a list of four affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia where you and your spouse will have an unforgettable time.



It’s definitely possible to travel to Thailand on the cheap. If you have some flexibility as to when you can take your honeymoon, keep in mind that most tourists visit Thailand during the dry summer months (between October and February). For you, this means you’ll be able to save a bundle of cash if you time your trip during the raining season which is between March and September (but be sure to stay away from southern Thailand where flooding is inevitable). In the northern part of the country it rains here and there, but you can still get in plenty of sightseeing and relaxation. And let’s be honest, a rainy day can be kind of romantic, right? Many all-inclusive resorts have deals for the rainy season, which means you’ll be well taken care of if you need to spend a day staying dry indoors.



Since Vietnam is relatively inexpensive to visit year-round, you should book your cheap plane tickets there for autumn when the weather is the best. Be sure to book your lodging as soon as possible, since Hanoi accommodations tend to fill up quickly in September and October. Most hotels run between $30-$60 USD per night, so you won’t break the bank there. Food in traditional eateries is also inexpensive, which means you’ll have more money for sightseeing and handicraft shopping!



Nepal is a great option for newlyweds who love to hike and experience the natural beauty of a place. Autumn (September through late November) is when most tourists visit Nepal. The weather is clear, temperate, and there is rarely rain (this is right after monsoon season finishes, which means fewer bugs and less pollution). There are two important festivals, Dasain and Tihaar that happen during this season – experiencing these can provide a rich cultural experience without too much financial cost. Nepalese food is both filling and affordable, which means you will eat well and save money. Another great time to visit is spring when the rhododendrons are in bloom. The weather tends to be warm/hot this time of year, and the mountain views aren’t as clear as they are in the fall.



From ornate temples to stunning natural landscapes, Laos provides the perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway. The time of year you visit will determine where you should spend your trip. Winter (November to January) is the best time to travel to lowland Laos. This is right after the rainy season, so plants will be in their full splendor. Temperatures will be warm during the day and cool off in the evening. The highlands are the place to be in March-May (when the lowlands are incredibly hot and humid). Areas like the Bolaven Plateau boast a temperate climate year-round. Accommodations throughout the country are delightfully inexpensive.

Have you traveled to an affordable destination in Asia? Where? Would you recommend it to honeymooners? Let us know in the comment

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