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3 Healthy Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover

This blog post was updated on September 28, 2018.

3 Healthy Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover

Most travelers have found themselves stuck at an airport for an extended period of time while waiting for their next flight. There are some airports that I definitely wouldn’t mind being stuck at for a few hours (see my posts on MSP and LAX). However, even if you’re stuck at the most exciting airport on the planet, it’s still a good idea to have a few ideas for how to pass the time at the ready. Bonus points if they are healthy and will help you enjoy your trip even more!

Few things feel quite as good as moving your body after sitting on a long flight. This can be as simple as stretching (or even finding a corner of the airport in which to do some restorative yoga poses) or taking a brisk walk through the terminal. When I’m waiting for my next flight, I try to move as much as possible to prevent soreness and stiffness from a long day of travel.

Eat a square meal
A layover provides a great opportunity to enjoy a solid meal at an airport restaurant. With more and more airports improving their food options, the task of finding a delicious, healthy meal has become much easier. Treat yourself to a balanced meal that tastes good (because you know it will be better than what you get on the airplane). Tip: Be sure to drink a few glasses of water and avoid too many dehydrating beverages (alcohol, coffee, etc.) in order to stay hydrated while traveling. For more tips on the best foods to eat while traveling, see my post on what (and what not) to eat before taking a flight.


Find a comfortable chair (or spot on the floor), listen to your favorite music, and tune out the world for a while. Read a book or simply let your mind wander. In other words, take the rare opportunity to relax. Just make sure to set an alarm on your phone so that you don’t miss your next flight!

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