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3 Gift Ideas Under $100 for Frequent Business Travelers

This blog post was updated on September 28, 2018.

3 Gift Ideas Under $100 for Frequent Business Travelers
If you travel for business, you know that the most important aspects to keep in mind while being on the go are convenience and space. Business travelers have to keep things compact, especially if they fly frequently. Honing in on a gift for your frequently flying business traveler can go beyond the neck pillows and compression socks. If you don’t want to spend more than $100 on a gift and you need to keep items small enough to fit in a carry on, here are a few gift ideas of the frequent flying business traveler on your list.

Airport and Airplane Wi-Fi Passes: The business traveler requires an Internet connection at the airport and up in the air to stay productive. You can treat the business traveler on your list by buying them an airport or airplane Wi-Fi pass. These passes are nice for gift givers as they don’t require heading to a mall and also you can spend very little for a one day pass or splurge a little on several month access passes. GoGo, a Wi-Fi provider on many flights within the U.S., Canada and Mexico allows you to gift inflight Wi-Fi to your business traveler. The service provides all day passes for as little as $16 to unlimited GoGo access no matter the airline for $59.95 a month.

If you aren’t sure if your business traveler is traveling on flights with GoGo, you can give them Wi-Fi passes at the airport through services like Boingo. Boing is an Internet provider present at many airports around the globe with 1 million hotspots and counting. You can gift a Boingo membership for your globetrotting business traveler for just $59 a month for global access.

Wireless Device Charging Mats and Cases: For the business traveler, a dead battery in the middle of crowded airport or a flight without outlets can be a true disaster. A number of companies make wireless charging mats and devices, making it possible to charge up a dead device without an outlet. Duracell makes a Travel Mat for $79.99 in which a device can be charged on a mat simply by laying down your smartphone to charge. Mophie also produces a convenient travel charging device business travelers can appreciate. The company makes iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy cases where the case provides several extra hours of battery life. Mophie makes cases beginning at around $79.95.

Travel Steamer: Business travelers know the horrors of the non-existent hotel iron or the hotel iron that leaves mysterious marks on a suit. When you have a business meeting a few minutes after your flight or you face several weeks of packing up a suitcase and unpacking it, you need to keep those clothes pressed in an instant. For the business traveler on your list, a travel steamer can be incredibly useful. Sharper Image makes a 3-in-1 travel steamer that deodorizes and removes wrinkles in the process. A steamer like the Sharper Image travel version costs $49.99.

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