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Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a state in the United States. Its capital is Phoenix. It is bounded by California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and the Mexican state of Sonora. It has two distinct parts: the trademark Arizona is the Southern part that contains desert climate with very hot summers. The Northern part is a contrast and features several pine, Douglas fir and spruce trees plus geological features like the Colorado Plateau, the San Francisco Mountains and large canyons that could be enjoyed with a lesser temperature. Also of note her are ski resorts, national forests, national parks, historical monuments and some hotspots of Native American culture.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most definitive postcards of Arizona and the US. This natural formation is an intriguing bracket of some jaw-dropping geographical features and layered bands of red rock that were carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years to reveal a captivating cross-section of geological history. Grand Canyon’s walls glow with a number of colors during the day that varies from orange, yellow and red.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, natural history museum, publisher, and art gallery located west of Tucson, Arizona. The museum contains more than 230 animal species and 1200 varieties of plants that are visited by nearly 400000 visitors every year. It also contains two miles of walking paths that run through a vast spread of desert landscape nearby.

Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art

Much unlike a typical history museum, the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art in Phoenix (Arizona) is a living museum consisting of artifacts and contemporary art related to Native American culture. It has a superb collection of over 40000 distinct items including a library and archives section with over 34000 volumes. Some highlights here are called Native Peoples in the Southwest, the Mareen Allen Nichols Collection (it has 260 pieces of contemporary jewelry) and the Barry Goldwater Collection (for its collection of 437 Hopi Kachina dolls).

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I was on a stand by flight to Tulsa and found out all flights were completely booked for the next 5 days, this agent found my mother a reasonable flight for me for a very reasonable price leaving the next day. going a different route but I was not looking at 5 day or more stay at the airport. I thank God for her and you are blessed to have such a hard working employee.

- Sandra  Oct 19, 2020
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Have been using OneTravel for the past 6 years. Their agents are well trained and well mannered. They have never failed to get issues resolved even if it takes hours.That's dedication. As a Chef i demand reliability and dependence and that's what the agents at OneTravel gives.

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