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A lot has happened in Germany ever since Hitler and his SS left the show, and the legendary German automobile engineering was one of the first marvels to happen post that exit. Stuttgart is where BMW and Mercedes-Benz have taken their baby steps to evolve into the pristine gold-standard of anything that goes vroom on four wheels. The capital of Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart is a millennial city and by the same virtue, is a tourist’s delight for its sheer number of historical attractions. You should like to know that Stuttgart lies almost equidistant from Black Forest and Swabian Jura mountain ranges, and thus is centred in a valley amongst vineyards and thick woodlands of the River Neckar. You have a choice of visiting it as a historic city, as an automobile centre, as a historic destination or as a scenic spot initially, however, the city would melt all of these presupposed distinctions and would yield itself to you like a beautiful painting with an intriguing historical subtext.

Places of Interest in Stuttgart
Altes Schloss and Neues Schloss
Altes Schloss (or the Old Palace) is a thousand year old fortified castle that was remade into a Renaissance palace in sixteenth century. Today this magnificent building is home to Landemuseum Wurttemberg museum where visitors may see crown jewels and scores of related artworks of medieval period.

The Stiftskirche (Collegiate Church) is a church in Stuttgart and is known for its two towers that flank it on either side. It is said that this historic church was founded two centuries later on the exact place where once an older 10th century church used to stand. It is known for its impressive façade, multiple 16th-century Renaissance artworks and the burial vaults of local rulers until 1677 AD.

Schlossplatz (Palace Square)
The Schlossplatz or the Palace Square is the face of the city and is situated in front of the Neues Schloss (New Palace). It was originally created as parade ground for the marching army, but has now been turned into a public garden-like area that has lush green lawns, colorful flowerbeds, twin fountains and a decorative bandstand. Its calm and serene atmosphere makes it a hot favorite among the tourists and students especially during the summer and spring seasons.

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