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Nuremberg, the second largest city in Bavaria, Germany, is located on the River Pegnitzand Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. In the words of Martin Luther "Nuremberg shines throughout Germany like a sun among the moon and stars". Nuremberg is known as the city of culinary delights. Some of delicacies which are a must try here include Nuremberg sausages and Nuremberg Lebkuchen.

Places of Interest in Nuremberg
St. Sebald Church
St. Sebald Church is the oldest parish church in Nuremberg and was constructed around 1215. The church was renovated in the Gothic style in the year 1309. After its destruction during World War II, the church was reconstructed in the year 1957.

Albrecht Durer's House
The house was the residence of one of the famous painter and graphic artists, Albrecht Durer. Today the house is a museum, and exhibits paintings by Durer. Also several special exhibitions are held here, which showcase the vast graphic collections.

Nuremberg Street Food Market If you love eating and wish to try out different delights, then you should definitely head for Nuremberg Street Food Market! The market takes place on every first Thursday of the month. Here, you will come across various traditional and exotic cuisines from across the world. Grab the opportunity to discover authentic and delicious culinary delights!

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