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The scenic city sits royally in the heart of Germany and drives the nation’s economy through an arterial access to its adjacent cities. Much unlike a traditional tourist city, Frankfurt’s charm undergoes a complete cycle as its tempo varies from attractive to charming and then captivating.

Places of Interest in Frankfurt
Romerberg is Frankfurt’s most beautiful public square. It was destroyed during relentless bombings by the Allied Forces during the Second World War and was reconstructed afterwards. It is a popular tourist hotspot and is noted for a complex of some classic old buildings of late medieval era. You may also particularly like to explore a hundred years old New Town Hall and a 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard.

Goethe House and Museum
Literature and Frankfurt go hand in hand. Frankfurt is home to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, undeniably the most gifted author that Germany has ever produced. Goethe House is the most intelligent way to explore the early years of his life and let the reader see from his mind’s eyes as to how the German wordsmith used to put his prowess to work. Adjacent to it is the Goethe Museum and it showcases some of the most artistic masterpieces of his era in a fourteen room monument.

The Rhine Valley
The Rhine Valley is a hot cake in all seasons despite being situated at a couple of hours ride away from Frankfurt. This marvel of charming natural beauty is seamlessly connected to Frankfurt by both public and personal transit, and cruise services are available too. The Rhine Valley also supports one of the most significant waterways in Europe as the river Rhine flows more than a thousand kilometers to connect Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands before going into North Sea.

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