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The German city of Siegen quickly changes from a university city in the day to a party destination in the night (and a shopping hotspot in between) by the press of an invisible switch every day. You would find this German city a little ball of adorable energy that has a magic bag of historical monuments, museums, ancient churches, libraries, lakes, musical concerts, historic and reconstructed houses, statues and paintings all put together. Talking of paintings, Siegen is the birthplace of the eminent Baroque painter also known as Rubens’ City Peter P Rubens and is thus also known as Rubens’ City. Some of his paintings adore Rubens Hall, the most famous art gallery here.

Places of Interest in Siegen
Beatles Museum
Beatles Museum features in Guinness Book of World Record 2000 as the world’s smallest public museum (at 27 sq. meters). It is dedicated to the four iconic musicians of the famous music band - the Beatles. Its collection includes more than 16,500 sound storage media, souvenirs, film posters, autographs and quite a few other things of the fab four. In 2012, Beatles Museum also celebrated fifty years of the legendary band.

Oberes Schloss
Literally implying Upper Castle in English, this thirteenth century high ground was the family seat of the House of Nassau (an aristocratic dynasty in Europe). You should first see the hundred year old Siegerlandmuseum or the Museum of Siegerland here. It centrally contains some of the best works of city’s most notable artist, Peter Rubens, besides a comprehensive collection of portraits of other notable members of the Houses of Nassau and Orange. The top floor is a peep into the yesteryears of the city and you shall find here a replica of a two hundred years old kitchen, a bedroom, and other assorted furniture.

Unteres Schloss
Chronological and logical to the mention of the Upper Castle of Siegen, now it’s the turn of the equally significant Lower Castle. Unteres Schloss first saw sunlight in the last parts of seventeenth century as the Lower Stately Home. It is known for being the distinguished seat of Evangelical line of the House of Nassau-Siegen and you shouldn’t be surprised to see the crypt of the Evangelical branch of the Nassau princely house here. Today, Unteres Schloss serves as a state authority building in which the North Rhine-Westphalia Building and Property Establishment, the State Environment Office, the Office for Occupational Health and Safety and the Attendorn Correctional Facility are all housed.

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