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San Juan is the cultural capital of Puerto Rico, known for hip-hop music, classic architecture, and its sunny beaches. On the last part, it is worth mentioning that cultural variance and historical significance have woven a distinct architectural fabric in the city.

Places of Interest in San Juan
Isla Verde Beach
The alpha place of San Juan. Isla Verde Beach is longest, widest and the most beautiful beach in the city, and is a dream come true for swimmers and tourists. It is ideal for all watersports like swimming, snorkelling and parasailing because of the scenic location and the availability of necessary gears by local kiosks. For a visitor who isn't too adventurous, there are reasonably-priced cafes, restaurants, and resorts where they can relax and admire the beauty of blue waters. Another interesting beach is is Pine Grove (located less than a mile away). It’s a swimmer's paradise and is a good choice for those who prefer beauty and swimming of Isla Verde Beach, but with less crowd.

Ocean Park Beach
Ocean Park Beach is more popular among young people who'd like to prefer sports over natural scenic beauty of San Juan. It is just about the perfect place for watersports like kite-boarding, paddle tennis, and beach volleyball, and has a number of refreshment hotspots selling cold water, beer, soft drinks and spicy seafoods. If you would prefer jogging or massage over adrenaline rush, there are ample facilites for the same too.

Old San Juan
Established in 1509 AD as a Spanish Armada stronghold, this place has now become the oldest residential and commercial hotspot. Landing here, the first thing that will catch your attention is texture of the streets. They are all paved with a blue stone cast from furnace (called adoquine) that were brought here by the Spanish Armada. Old San Juan, as the name suggests, is the older part of the city and has the better part of cultural heritage of the city, central to which are some artistic monuments that belong to 16th century and were built in Spanish style. The city also has several 'plazas' (a Spanish word for marketplace). The most historical of them is Plaza de San Jose. In its centre stands a bronze statue Ponce de Leon, made of a cannon captured from the Britsh forces after they had tried to seize the city in 1797 AD.

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