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Ponce is a city located in the southern part of Puerto Rico. The seat of the municipal government, Ponce is is often referred to as 'the pearl of the south'. The city is home to an eclectic amalgamation of architectural styles, beautiful plazas, and one of the best museums of art in Caribbean. Ponce also boasts several parks and beaches. Ponce experiences a tropical savannah climate and the rainfall varies by season. June and July are moderately dry months here. The city is easily reachable from San Juan by heading south to expressway-52. This drive is extremely picturesque.

Places of Interest in Ponce
Museo de Arte de Ponce
The Ponce Art Museum is arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Ponce. The museum hosts an exceptional collection of around 1400 art pieces in the building that is designed renowned architecture Edward Durall Stone. This collection incorporates world-known European art with particular focus on Spanish Golden Age, Italian Baroque, and Pre-Raphaelite periods.

Plaza Las Delicias
Located in the heart of the city, Plaza Las Delicias is adorned with sparkling Fuente de los Leones and monuments dedicated to firefighters, composer Juan Morel Campos, and Luis Munoz Rivera. This lovely square is bordered by two of the iconic buildings in Ponce- the Parque de Bombas and the blue-and-white Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center
First discovered in 1975, Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center is located just north of the city. It is archeological treasure discovered when a hurricane unearthed old stones from the site. It is the oldest Antillian Indian ceremonial center ever found in the country and the largest indigenous cemetery ever discovered in the world. The most imperative excavations at the site are the ball courts and the Star Plaza, which is named after its unique shape.

Parque de Bombas de Ponce
One of the most recognized landmarks in the city, Parque de Bombas de Ponce is a beautiful park that also boasts a wooden firehouse with antique engines and exhibits. It is a wonderful place to visit with kids. The red and black wooden structure was designed by a Spanish army architect coronel Don Maximo Meana y Guridi who later became Ponce mayor. This structure was later turned into the main firehouse of the city. At present, it serves as a small museum honoring the heroic firemen of Ponce.

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