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Aguadilla (literally implying ‘watered smalls’ in Spanish) is a city in Puerto Rico alongside the Atlantic Ocean. It is a city of overwhelming contradictions because its half a century old tract houses and a dilapidated US Air Force station are a horrendous contrast to its vibrant sunny beaches, exceptional surfing facilities and a colorful marine life. However, it would not take you any more than five nanoseconds to figure out that Aguadilla is the place you would like to return for next year’s holidays owing to its super fantastic list of tourist attractions that includes a cathedral, fountain, public square, city hall and scores of other sightseeing options.

You would like to start your day with an eighteenth century historical church, Iglesia de San Carlos Borromeo. Next up would be a trip to the Christopher Columbus Monument which centrally consists of a Holy Cross of marble that was built to commemorate Columbus' entrance to Puerto Rico through the city. For those who’d like to touch a part of the Puerto Rican history, there is ample to admire in Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins (an old Spanish lighthouse of 1889 AD), Rafael Hernandez Monument and Parque Colón (the place where the Spanish ships first landed in Puerto Rico). During the evenings, there is nothing in the world more endearing than the Wilderness Beach in Aguadilla. It is a beautiful beach with some breathtaking cliffs and is a calm and serene place where you can enjoy the sunsets standing in the shade of some centuries old Spanish monuments that now exist only in ruins.

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